At 15,000 feet over the Austrian Alps, January 2010, with Michael Kloss,Berthold Mayntz and Gerhard Weber. Photo TimMotion

I have 20 years experience and hundreds of flight-hours working from HOT AIR BALLOONS for commercial sponsors and editorial clients. I participate as official photographer in 'montgolfiades', cross country balloon rallies and meetings. I have covered events in Tunisia and the Sahara, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Latvia, Austria, Germany and Antigua(West Indies) and hold a large stock of fabulous ballooning shots and aerial images. I have published and contributed to articles in Aerostat(GB), Atlantis(Portugal), Flygrevyn(Sweden), The Times and Sunday Independent and Telegraph. Contact me for advice on balloon flights and adventures anywhere.

The reason why......

My aerostatic baptism took place after my first flight with intrepid aeronaut 72 year old Dr. Hans Ulrich 'Uli' Reichert a.k.a. Graf Ulrich von Botnang, in G-BIIK "Staufenballon" at Chateau d'Oex in Switzerland in 1992.� The flight lasted just under two hours at an average speed of 5 kph and an altitude of 6,600 feet. Uli wrote on my Aerial Baptism Certificate, to:"Optical Air Chief":

To all those who can't and all those who won't,

and all those who say they will......and don't,

This is to you - who did.

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